What is the procedure to dismiss my child
early from school?

In the event that a child is to be picked up by their parent/guardian or any person other than his/her guardian, a note from the parent/guardian must be provided to the child’s teacher the day of the dismissal. All dismissing adults must be listed on the child’s emergency form in each office. The person picking up the child should report to the office and provide photo ID. In a case of emergency where a note has not been provided, the parent/guardian should call the office for approval. Please do not use email as teachers are often unable to check their email throughout the day.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.

What is the procedure to dismiss my child as a walker from school?

If the child normally takes the bus home, a note needs to be sent to the child’s teacher notifying them of a change in dismissal. The person picking up the child may wait under the canopy at the main entrance or in the school foyer during inclement weather.  If you did not send a note in to your child’s teacher, please call either office that your child will be dismissed as a walker. For grades 1&2 you will be asked to report to the office and provide ID at dismissal time since a note was not provided. Kindergarten dismissals require ID at the door therefore parents do not need to come to the office. Walker dismissal times are:  3:02pm (Kindergarten), 3:08 (Grade 2) and 3:10 (Grade 1).  Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.

How should I notify the school when my child is going to be absent?

We ask that parents call the school on the day a child is ill and absent from school otherwise you will receive an automated call notifying you of your child’s absence. If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent, a note can be sent into the child’s teacher and the teacher will notify the office.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.

Do I need to send in a note after my child has been absent?

Yes, please send in a note to your child’s teacher upon their return to school. Include your child’s first and last name along with the dates and reasons for the absence. If your child went to a doctor for their illness, you may provide documentation from the doctor stating the dates and reason the child was out and the absence will be marked excused.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.

How do I know which days are scheduled for early dismissal?

Please refer to our school calendar as there are scheduled early dismissal days throughout the school year. Dismissal for all students is at 11:45am on early dismissal days. Please refer to the school calendar.

How can I find out if school is cancelled or releasing early in the event of inclement weather?

In the event of unusually severe weather or other special circumstances that might prevent or delay the opening of school, announcements are broadcast between 6-8am on local stations. A call will also go out via School Messenger to all email accounts and telephone numbers on file once a decision has been made by the Superintendent’s office as to a delay, cancellation or early dismissal.   Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details. 


May I volunteer in my child’s classroom? How do I know if my CORI has been approved?

Each teacher has different classroom needs and therefore different volunteer schedules. Please send a note into your child’s teacher if you would like to help out and they will let you know if they are looking for volunteers. All volunteers who work with children must be CORI’d. Return the completed form to the school office or your child’s teacher along with a copy of your license. Teachers will check with the office to see if their classroom volunteers have been approved. 

How do I find my teacher’s email address?

Each teacher can be emailed by using:  [email protected].  Refer to the staff list on our webpage for exact spelling.

Is there a lost and found at school?

The Robinson School’s Lost and Found is located on a table in the Main Entrance lobby. You can also check with your child’s classroom teacher.

How do I find my child’s student ID number?

You can call either office (West 508-261-7513 OR East 508-261-7510) or ask your child’s teacher for their student ID number.  Unfortunately, they cannot be accessed online.

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