Math Interactive Activities

Number Sense and Operations

Number / Word Match Students see the number word and must click on the number that matches
ICT Math Various math skills
Okta's Rescue (PK-2) Counting skills
Count Us In Basic number counting concepts
The Five Frame  
The Ten Frame
Fun Brain Math Arcade 25 games where students set their own level
Online Math Flash Cards All operations
Math Baseball
All operations for one or two players
Math Magician Leveled math facts practice - students get to print achievement certificates
Under the Shell Addition and subtraction
Krypto Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Use all operations to make a target number
Interactive Multiplication Table  
Concentration Leveled - Match whole numbers, shapes, fractions, or multiplication facts to equivalent representations.
Stop the Clock Match analog and digital times to intervals


Color Words As students correctly drag the color word to the color, they can give Tom the Zebra a bedtime item.  Once all items are given, Tom is ready for bed.  (Note: "grey" is the spelling used in this game)
Shapes and Colors Click on a shape, then click on a color.  The words appear at the bottom
Sorting Under the Sea Appropriate for Kindergarten students
Ordering and Sequencing Students arrange caterpillar's body in the right order
Shape Tool  
Turtle Pond Estimating length and angle measure

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